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ALPS USB Upgrade Cable (Like New) Details

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USB Upgrade Cable Kit for MD-5000, MD-1300, MD-1000 (like new)

USB Upgrade Cable Kit

Note: Not for use with Windows XP

Available Items

S/N Q99B0068H


  • ALPS original cable (ALPS Part Number 105114-00)
  • The internal USB to printer cable integrated circuit connects the parallel port of the MD-series printer to the universal serial bus (USB) of the computer.
  • The USB cable plugs into the computer USB port and the internal circuitry converts to the 36 pin Centronic port on those ALPS printers which use the parallel port.
  • Note that the MD-2300 using the SCSI interface will not be able to use this device.
  • The second part of the kit consist copies of the original documentation and installation instructions.
  • The cable can be used with either the USB 1.1 or USB 2 interface.
  • Windows XP does not support the parallel to USB interface that our printers incorporate. Because of this you will not be able to use the ALPS printers with the parallel to USB cable. (this information supplied by ALPS USA)
  • We have been informed by Alps Electric (North America) Inc. the we can no longer provide their drivers on CD due to copyright restrictions.

  • Please contact us for help with drivers. ALPS has taken down all links to their drivers.


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