As a work of the U.S. federal government, this image is in the public domain. Rapid condensation of water vapor due to a sonic shock produced at sub-sonic speed creates a vapor cone (known as a Prandtl–Glauert singularity), which can be seen with the naked eye


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ALPS Printer Ink Cart for MD-Series FINISH II Cart Details

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105144 00

FINISH II Cart for MD-5000

Printer Ink Cart for MD-Series FINISH II Cart

  • For Use in the MD-5000 and MD-5000P Only
  • For the MD-1000 and MD-1300 Printers Use the Finish I Cartridge (see 685700)
  • The Cartridge Makes Your Images "Shine" Just Like a Glossy Photograph
  • This Finish II Cartridge Is Reversible Up to 5 Times for Greater Life and
    Flexibility - Just Mark the Check Boxes on the Cartridge to Keep Track of Usage
  • Use is Optional - For a Matte Finish, Deselect "Glossy Finish" in the Printer Driver Options
  • Bar Code "19"
  • Length = 50 meters (approx 7.7 pages of full coverage)
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