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ALPS Printer Ink Cart for MD-Series GOLD FOIL Ink Cart Details

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GOLD FOIL Ink Cart for MD-5000

Printer Ink Cart for MD-Series GOLD FOIL Ink Cart

  • For Use in the MD-5000 and MD-5000P Only
  • A Great Way to Add a "Touch of Gold" to Your Stationary, Business Cards and Greeting Cards, the Gold Foil Ribbon Adds Some "Class" to Your Printing Needs.
  • Bar Code "5"
  • Dye Sublimation Module is not required for foil printing.
  • May be OKIData Brand (identical to the ALPS Branded products)
  • Length = 40 meters (approx 6.2 pages of full coverage)

    Foil color printing is one of the unique features of the ALPS MD-5000 printers. Although most applications are not designed to handle foil color printing, the MD-5000 printer driver allows you to select specific colors or color components that will be replaced by foil colors and black ink when printing. You can print with up to two foil colors (or two foil colors plus black) from most applications that allow color specification.

    Moreover, because foil inks are opaque, foil color printing is unaffected by the color of the underlying paper. As a result, you can print on colored plain paper.


    · Special color ink is used for foil color printing. Therefore, undercoat must be provided with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks before printing Foil Color.

    · Depending on the font type, size or paper type, Foil Color ink might not be applied well.

    Types of Foil Color Printing

    The following types of foil color printing are possible depending on the number of ink cartridges used.

    · Single foil color printing (without halftone)

    Foil color printing uses a single color (gold or silver).

    · Multi foil color printing

    Foil color printing uses two colors (gold and silver).

    · Full color + foil color printing

    Full color printing and foil color printing is executed simultaneously.

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