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We have the Largest Variety of Original ALPS Products in the USA

We've been selling ALPS Products Since 1996 (On-Line since 2000)

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NOTE: Items that work in the MD-5000 also work in MD-5500 and MD-5500P

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The Status of ALPS MD-Series Products:

ALPS Supplies are quite limited at this time. Due to the demand, we cannot guarantee our inventory listings. There are times when the availability of some ALPS supplies is restricted. We are still able to get all cartridges, including White. We get most of our deliveries from Japan at this time.

Additional ALPS availability information here

 Updated on 11/22/2019

Click here for a little, subjective history on ALPS retail printers  updated 11 Sep 2012

NOTES: Our 497096 ALPS White Ink - ALPS MD-INK MDC-SCWH Special Color White

Some are having problems with the current white ink. These work well with the MD-5500, but not so well with some older MD-Series printers.  While the white cartridges are supposed to be the same, there have been difficulties. The problem appears to be the head temperature. Over time the head temperatures can drop and this can affect some inks. Since ALPS Japan is only selling and supporting the MD-5500 at this time, they are not aware that there is a problem. Their formulation may have changed slightly for this newer printer. Some have reported that they are having no problems at all. They just use the Special Color White the same way as the original White.

Updated 17 Feb 2010:

To print with the Japanese White - Change the bar code sticker to the Silver Foil or Gold Foil bar code. Then select the foil cartridge in the driver. This uses a slightly higher temperature to print and seems to solve the problem. If your second pass seems a little thin - change the saturation level in the driver to +30 to get a little more density. Thanks to Jamie Daniels for this information

When possible, we will still have the previous 497097 ALPS White Ink which prints without adjustment

Need Decal Paper?
Call John Bekins at 315-462-5324
He has some excellent Decal Paper available.
I've known John for many years. You should be able to get a good deal to suit your needs.

New information from Frank Collingwood,
On the 18th December 2009, Alps Electric announced that they will be withdrawing MD series printers and consumables from sale from the following dates:

* 31st May 2010
o MD-5500 printers will be withdrawn from sale.
o All printers sold to this date will still carry a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.
o Alps will continue to offer repair services for another 5 years.
o Alps will continue to supply ink for another 5 years.

* 31st May 2015
o Alps MD consumables, including inks will be withdrawn from sale.
o Repair services will end.


Elephant's Rocket Inc.
2-149 Chitosemachi Kasugashi
Fukuoka 816-0805, Japan
TEL: +81-92-586-9127

On the following Global Support webpage they state they give worldwide sales and repairs for repair of MD-1000/MD-1300/MD-1500/MD-5000/MD-5500:

Users have reported having success with repairs done by these folks.


I have contacted a possible repair service:

Yes, I would be pleased to help. I can supply troubleshooting and repair services. My parts supply is limited to most items but no printer head parts or head replacement.
Should I be unable to repair, there is no charge except return shipping/insurance.

Ron Watt
289 Silverbirch Blvd, Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada, L0R-1W0


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